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Weekend Getaway from Austin: Exotic Resort Zoo (Johnson City, TX)

Looking for ideas on where to go during Spring Break? If your kids love animals (like my twins do) I highly recommend a weekend getaway to Johnson City and stay at The Exotic Zoo Resort. My girls loved it and didn’t want to leave.


*Book your cabin in advance

*Bring groceries (snacks and breakfast) because there aren’t many grocery stores nearby

Here’s a summary of our itinerary:


  • Drive to Johnson City -stop at Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls and order takeout. Don't forget to try their famous pies (so good we ate them and forgot to take a picture)

  • Head to Johnson Park for picnic and playground fun

Drive to The Exotic Zoo Resort -take a guided tour

  • Cabin check in

  • Spend the afternoon swimming in the pool, feeding the animals in the petting zoo or simply relaxing in the cabin

  • Dinner at Bryans on 290


  • Wake up early to feed the animals

  • Day trip Fredericksburg (a bit of a drive but it's worth it)

  • Brunch at Otto’s

  • See Marktplatz

  • Go to LBJ park and visit the Sauer-Beckmann Farm (entrance is free)

  • Stroll in downtown Johnson City

  • Dinner at Pecan Street Brewing

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