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Swiss Festivals: Cheese Festival in Gruyeres (May)

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Another festival we attended this weekend was the Cheese Festival in Gruyères. We decided to rent a car because driving is two hours faster than taking train (round trip). This was the first time Alexis has driven in Switzerland, he was a bit nervous. He went to bed late studying all the traffic symbols and driving laws. We invited two friends and by 8:30 am we were on the road.

The drive was beautiful. The views were amazing, exactly how I’ve seen them in postcards. It was quite interesting to see the street signs changed from German to French as we entered the French canton of Freebour. Our friends Julien and Linda joined us and we had a great time with them. We arrived in the town around 11:30 am and stopped at the Moléson cheesemaking factory first. We hopped to catch the cheese making demonstration. Unfortunately, because of the festival, they were not offering demonstrations. However, the employees were kind enough to let us into the area where they make the cheese! So we got a glimpse of how the process works and the place looks.

Happy Cows, the heart of Gruyères cheese and chocolate industries

Next, we headed to the main town, where the festival took place. The view of the castle, the cows wearing bells and the stone walls took my breath away. We tasted several kind of cheeses, made from milk from several animals: goat, sheep and cow. All of them very tasty! We had creamy, crumbly, smooth, flaky, spreadable, and even stinky cheeses. There were cheeses for any taste and preference.

Despite the weather, the town was full of life! The cheese was delicious. We couldn't decide which one we liked more, so we ended up buying several. Probably a bit too many, but who can resist to a good Swiss cheese?

Goat cheese

Delicious Swiss cheese

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