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Stonehenge: Private tour with access to the inner circle and a visit to Bath, England

One of the items in our bucket list since we moved to Zürich was to visit Stonehenge. However, we did not want travel all the way just to see the monument from afar, and be surrounded by hundreds of tourists. When our friends from California told us they were traveling to London, we thought that was the perfect opportunity to find a better option to see Stonehenge. That’s when my friend Carlos stumbled upon Premium Tours website. I cannot recommend the tour enough. It is worth every penny. (By the way, we bought our tickets from Basel to Stanstead with Ryan Air for only 50eur round trip (per person)).

We chose the ‘sunrise tour’, which meant we were picked up at 5am to get to Stonehenge before the park opens to the public. Don’t let the name fool you. Since we went in May, by the time we arrived at the park, the sun was already out. I guess if you do the same tour during winter, you might be able to catch the sunrise. But also rain and/or snow, so it all depends.


We had the park all to ourselves, well, us and the rest of the group that traveled with us. But we weren’t that many. Or at least it did not feel crowded at all. You can judge the photos yourself 🙂 The best part is that we were granted access to the inner circle and were able to walk in between the stones! Something that is only possible with a private tour like the one we chose.

The tour also has extra perks:

·         Visit to Lacock (with optional breakfast in 14th century classic country pub George Inn

Picturesque village of Lacock

Visit to Bath The entry to Roman Baths and Pump Rooms is included

Roman Baths in Bath, England. The buildings above street level date from the 19th century.

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