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Still Here, Different Continent


It's been a while, a VERY LONG TIME. People kept asking me when I was going to start writing again, but life has been incredibly busy. A lot of things changed about us. Taino Trails grew by 2 in 2019, and now we are 4! Yes, we welcomed our identical twin girls, Elaia and Lucía in October of 2019. They were a huge surprise as we were not trying to have kids. In fact, we were getting ready to go to Peru when I found out I was pregnant two months before and was not able to go. Since then, we have embarked in this new adventure we call parenthood.

Also, we are no longer in Switzerland. We relocated back to the States a year after the Pandemic changed the world. After spending a few months in Austin, tragedy knock on our doors and changed our plans. I don't feel ready to write about it now, but maybe I will in the future. We started visiting my sister in Waco often, and liked it better than Austin. So we bought a house in May 2022 and are now raising our daughters here. Waco is smaller and more family friendly. It is growing, so there are new restaurants and shops popping up. Also, it is nestled between two major airports, Austin and Dallas, so we can still get out and explore the world relatively easy.

I hope to continue sharing our travels with y'all, but now from a family of four perspective. We have added lots of places from this side of the world in our bucket list, so stay tuned for more.

Taino Trails

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