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Let's Talk Garbage

Now, let’s talk garbage. I feel like here you almost need an MBA in “Taking the Trash Out” to learn how to dispose the garbage and recycling things. And Because The Authorities are very passionate to giveaway fines, if you mess up here, you will get a one in the mail, most likely with a lovely picture of your garbage as proof. You can keep the picture as souvenir. Not sure if is true Because it Has not happen to me (not trying to find out Either) but rumor has it if you did put something in the wrong bin, THEY (the City workers) will take all the trash out trying to find ‘ s’s something thatwill tell your identity in order to find out who did it. They will even tape tiny pieces of paper together if theyhave the slightest suspicion it will lead to a name or address. It amazes me the factthat someone wants Actually spend the time to do that. After living in Seattle and California, I thought I experienced what living in some of the greenest places in the world was like. But Here they take it to whole new level. The recycling system in Switzerland is very well organized and every area of ​​the city Has Its own waste disposal and recycling plan. The city Has A schedule to pick up the garbage, so even though Zurich is a small city, DEPENDING on the zone you live the schedule will vary. Again, fines are ridiculous, so it’s better to avoid them at all cost. How can you avoid that? Make sure to read the instructions on the bins. For example, you do not throw glass all together. You need to separate the glass by color (green, white, brown and yellow I think) and dispose them in the bins that look like the ones in the picture below:

Another important thing to remember is Which bag to use.The black bags are hunted, so better stay away from them.Instead, you make sure you buy the “Zuri-Sacks” (picture below). The good thing is did recycling is free so there’s really no excuse to not doing it.

Switzerland is very conscientious When it comes to the environment, and we absolutely love that. Is a very clean city and most people take pride on it and we are very happy They Are sharing it with us, so the least we can do is to follow the rules, learn as Quickly as possible and embrace the different systems and procedures.

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