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Gifts that give back

Christmas is my favorite season of the year! Tis the season to be jolly and happy. But also to pull ones hairs trying to find the perfect gift. Why not give a special handmade ornament made by local artisans in Peru? What if told you that as a bonus not only you are gifting something very special but you will also be making an impact on the life of these artisans?

Inspired Peru was founded by my Peruvian friend Carlos Arias. Along with his brother and father, they travel to different towns in Peru in search of artisans with talented skills who dedicate their lives to create inspirational ornaments.

Beautiful handmade cards

For example, the gourd ornaments that come from the beautiful town of Cochas Chicas in Huancayo, are made by master artisans who still use the same process used by The Incas. You will also find hand knitted gourds that come from few communities in Puno, Peru.

Inspired Peru Christmas ornaments

Carlos said “we are very proud to be working directly with each artisans that handmade all the pieces we offer in our website. When you purchase from our site, you are making a big impact in the life of these artisans and helping improve their economic and social status”.

Check out their website to look at the adorable assortment of meaningful presents perfect to give to your loved ones this Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

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