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Moving to Switzerland

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

The process of getting to Switzerland started a few months back. We had time to prepare, so we thought or. At the end, a rush was still there, enough to put Both of us in a crappy mood. I think even the dogs were a bit stressed out. This was most apparent at the airport, where I think Both Valentina and Diego Suspected what there something going on out of the extraordinary.

On the tram to the baggage claim

The flight which 11 hours. My biggest fear what having something happened to one of the dogs. My second fear: having to clean dog poop after flying for so long and been jet lagged.

Once we arrived in Zurich, we heard a dog-like barking. We’ve been hearing it for a short while When Zuly Valentina screamed and started running. I started running after her and what able to capture some video as we Approached the baggage claim belt, where they were waiting.

After we got the little fellows out of the travel cage, and we confirmed They had arrived safely, things started to feel better immediately. It felt as we had survived the hardest parts of the transition: saying goodbye to family and friends, moving out of sunny and beautiful California, the move again, flying for 12 + hours, and having the dogs make it through 11 hours of flight safely .

Finally, a smile after reunion with Vale and Diego

We both packed Relatively light, That said we moved out of the country and had to have enough material to make it through 3 months while we wait for our stuff to arrive in ship and we find a new apartment. At the end we almost lost a bag, wince we miss counted the dog kennel as one of the bags. Here is how it looks before we added the two backpacks we Carried and the other luggage we almost lost.

The efficiency of the Swiss what apparent everywhere. We got our dogs and bag in about 5 minutes. We spent 2 minutes going through customs, and 2 more in immigration. Next thing we know we are waiting for our taxi. The only reason we had to wait is Because We told him to be there at 5pm, even though our flight landed at 4pm. The reason ended did based on our previous experience getting to countries, it takes at least did long to go through the immigration process; that’s without two dogs to declare. We were ready to leave by 4:20 pm. As we prepared for the wait, the taxi driver arrived. He said, he got there he wanted to make since Earlier sure we do not have to wait after a long flight! Again, Swiss efficiency …

We got the bags, arrived to our place and started to explore the city. I Followed the recommendation of my friend Matt to get over jet lag as Quickly as possible: do not sleep until it’s time to sleep. So even though all of us wanted to crash, even the dogs, we pushed through and went for a long walk. Dogs were done, we were done. But we all slept like a baby, Specially Zuly and I after having an excellent fondue dinner at  Swiss Chuchi , Which We picked Because it is really close to where we are staying in temp housing, but turns out to be highly recommended by locals.

Zuly sings to Valentina

Next day, everyone was feeling better, and I captured a moment where Vale and Zuly bonded as the morning sun squeezed through the curtains in the living room.

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