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Fun things to do with Toddlers in Waco, Texas

Cameron Park Zoo

This is a wonderful zoo! Tons of shade, happy animals, and a playground with a splash pad that is priceless during the insanely hot Texas summer days. I feel we discover something new every time we go. They also offer special events throughout the year, and even more for members.

Tip: If you are local, I highly recommend getting the membership. It is totally worth it! For $85 a year you get:

* Unlimited free admission to Cameron Park Zoo for 1 year

* 5- One day free admission guest passes (digitally linked to your membership)

* Discounted admission to over 100 zoos and aquariums (Reciprocal List)

* A 10% discount in the Zootique and at Zoo cafes

* Discounts on birthday parties and Zoo Camps

* A subscription to the Society e-newsletter

Mayborn Museum

Another favorite, and a refuge from the heat during summer. My girls never get tired of visiting this museum. They always have special exhibits (most recently was about Marvel superheroes). They have different areas where the kids can learn and play. They can make soap bubbles, have a tea party, learn about animals or the space, and much more. My girls favorite section is "Little Waco", it's a playroom with an area where they can "fish" in the Brazos river, ride a school bus or even shop at H.E.B.

Outside of the Museum you find the Historic Village, nine wood-frame buildings that provide a glimpse into the past, bringing to life a community in the 1890s.

Just like the Zoo, the membership for the Mayborn is equally valuable and worth it. For $95 a year, we get unlimited access for a family of 4. After 2 visits, this membership pays off.

Mammoth National Monument

Standing as tall as 14 feet and weighing 20,000 pounds, Columbian mammoths roamed across what is present-day Texas thousands of years ago. Today, the fossil specimens represent the nation's first and only recorded evidence of a nursery herd of ice age Columbian mammoths.

Future paleontologists can learn about Columbian mammoths, and look for "fossils" in the play sand. Reservations are not needed, and touring the facility can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour. It is stroller friendly. Bring plenty of water, particularly during summer. They have guided tours available. Last time we went, we took a Spanish guided tour at 1pm.

My future paleontologists

Dr. Pepper Museum

This is a museum dedicated to the nation's oldest major soft drink - Dr. Pepper. I didn't know Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco, TX. I don't drink soda, and don't even like Dr. Pepper but this museum is a cool place to stop when in Waco. There are three floors of exhibits featuring information about many different soft drinks, as well as a selection of the soft drink memorabilia collection. You can get a free drink with your admission ticket.

General Admission: $10

Children (0 – 4): FREE

Museum Members: FREE

My nephews during our visit to Dr. Pepper Museum in December 2022

Magnolia Silos

Last but not least, the famous Magnolia Silos. Probably the #1 tourist attraction in Waco right now. Fans and not so much fans of the famous HGTV Fixer Upper show come to Waco just to come to this place. Their famous cupcakes have dozens of people make a long line and wait outside, rain or shine, just to grab a bite of these delicious treats. The complex have several stores where you can purchase Magnolia merchandise. My absolute favorite are the candles! Everything here is expensive, but entrance to the complex is free. So you can roam around, do window shopping and play in the lawn. They have several food trucks with decent food and not too expensive prices. The lavender lemonade is a must try.

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