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Dogs Are Settling OK Too

Diego and Valentina are so pretty Adapting Quickly to Their new life in Switzerland. Thanks to a group created by and for spouses of Employees for the company works for Alexis, I am meeting other girls who moved to Zurich from other parts in the world. One of them shared with me the info of an off-leash doggy park. The park is located at behind the indoor sports hall in Giesshübelstrasse 41 8045 Zurich (see the map  Here) . I met her and her two dogs today. Diego and Valentina had a blast With Their new friends Sophie and Ladi. The four of them spent the afternoon smelling flowers, chasing eachother tails and drinking water from a creek. By the end theywere so tired, They crashed into the bus on our way home. I am definitely taking them back there.

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