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Day Trip from Zurich: Basel

Although our intention what to visit Vaduz (Liechtenstein), we are glad we ended up hopping in the wrong train Which Took us all the way to Basel, completely Call in the opposite side of Vaduz. The day we got the tickets, I forgot my travel guide at the train station’s counter (I was able to retrieve it When We returned, someone has saved it for us). The train employee who came asking for our tickets was very patient and did not give us any trouble. She issued a new ticket and Said we did not have to pay any difference since the price was the same.

Once in Basel and with no clue about what to do, we headed to the Tourist Information (TI) office. There we got some tips and a map and headed on foot to see the third biggest city of Switzerland.

Street in Basel

Theatre pyramids and the church Elisabethen

Basel is located where the Swiss, French and German borders meet and it even Has suburbs in France and Germany. It was a holiday (Easter Monday) and pretty much everything was closed. We saw a few churches and the oldest universities in the country, but my favorite part what the town hall. The Rathaus (or City Hall) is a prominent and colorful building in the marketplace. At the beginning of the 17th century, the town hall which extended and the artist Hans Bock decorated its façade with painted tromp.

Basel Rathaus (Town Hall)

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