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Bergspa Hotel La Val: Our first experience in a wellness hotel

This year to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary and Alexis’ birthday (they both fall on the same day) we decided to stay in Switzerland. Usually for this occasion we travel somewhere else but this year I started a new job (woot woot), after finishing my masters (double woot woot) and we decided to do something different. Actually, I decided to surprise Alexis because he had no idea where we were going to.

Hotel La Val Bergspa

Our Room

After researching online, I started noticing that many hotels in the Swiss Alps advertise as “wellness hotels”, basically they offer packages for 2 or several nights that include some spa treatments and entrance to their spa area which usually has a pool, sauna, etc. I thought something like that was very different from how we typically celebrated in the past when we spent the days sightseeing a new city from dusk till dawn. This time it was all about relaxation.

Exploring the surroundings

After going back and forth between my top 3 choices, I picked a winner: Bergspa La Val  , a resort nested in the Swiss Alps in the region of Graubünden. One of the reasons that made me choose this hotel, besides the amazing reviews in Google and TripAdvisor, was the friendly service of the front desk employee, Ylenia, over the phone. She was so helpful and had this tone of “I truly care” in her voice. She really wanted to make our stay special. So I booked it. And we had an amazing time.

Hiking trail, walking distance from the hotel

We booked the Pure Wellness Package, 2 night stay with some spa treatments (massage, manicure and body wrap), with half board and one dinner. The staff could not have made it more special! From the moment we arrived, Chris and Tim welcomed us with a friendly smile and service. The room was beautiful and they left a thoughtful note and some sweets for my husband’s birthday. The staff at the restaurant was great, in special Nico (the guy from Spain) and the gentleman from Italy (I forgot his name). They went above and beyond to make us feel very special.

Birthday guy. Look at that happy face!

The food at the restaurant was delicious (compliments to the chef). The staff at the spa was also incredible. In short, this hotel offers everything to spend a romantic and relaxing weekend: great service, delicious food, nice spa and beautiful surroundings with picturesque views of the Alps.

Steak with risotto

Chocolate mousse

Roasted almond mousse

Capuns, a traditional dish from Graubünden

La Val Bergspa Hotel is located in Breil-Brigels, in the region of Graubünden

Postacard-like views

A Horse house

I think we might have found a new favorite way to travel. Sometimes unwinding, relaxing and do nothing is not a bad thing after all!

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