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48 Hours in Berlin

One of my regrets about traveling to Berlin is spending so little time in this city. 48 hours is definitely not enough and I’m not sure what were we thinking.  Luckily for us, our friend booked a bike tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours that I’m pretty sure saved us. Since we arrived at around 8pm on a Wednesday, we didn’t have much time to do stuff, except for eating and drinking (although that count as doing stuff). But the next day we woke up early to do this fantastic tour, which provided a perfect orientation of the city. The funny and knowledgeable guide shared really good info about the city’s history while biking along the most famous landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall. We stopped for lunch (and beer) at a beer garden before ending our tour. Then in the afternoon we returned to some of those landmarks to see them more closely, especially the Memorial to the Murdered Jews, a place we didn’t want to miss.

In Berlin with my dearest friends Noelia and Madeline

Our error was taking a late flight from Amsterdam and arriving in Berlin at 8pm. If we would have taken an earlier flight, we would have been able to see and do much more. In short, if you travel to Berlin, make sure to spend at least 2 full days, otherwise, opt for this tour. It will be an unforgettable experience, that will leave you wanting to return to Berlin very soon.

Here are our must see/things to do to have a sneak peak of the city:

Berlin Wall
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Take a bike tour

Wake up early and walk the city. You'll have it almost all for yourself
Take a boat hop on-hop off tour
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

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