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3 Weeks and Counting

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

This week we celebrate our third week living in Zurich and each day I fall in love with this city even more. Everything is exactly what I hoped for and more. I have been to other European cities but never made it to Switzerland before moving here. I always dreamed with living in a quintessential building, built over centuries ago and filled with history. But since I always heard Zurich was a “modern” city, I expected everything to look new. To paint the charm of old I was craving. How naive … I was so wrong! I am so far living the “European” dream as I called it.

We currently live in a building built in the 1500’s. To get to the building we walk cobblestoned streets so narrow only one car fits at a time. To watch the garbage truck passing through is entertaining. Inside our apartment we have almost all the modern amenities. It’s very small but cozy. We do not have a dishwasher so we go back to the old days. So the washer and dryer is in the attic and we share it with the other tenants. I am still trying to figure out the purpose of the dryer, it either does not work or I do not know how to use it (pretty sure is The Latter).

Our temporary apartment is in this building (from 1599)

The flip side to this story is we did live in a temporary apartment, provided by Alexis’ employer (as Mentioned in previous posts) and we know sooner or later we’ll have to vacate it. Right now we are searching for our “permanent” home, Which turns out to be a very stressful process. We have our “wish list” and Everything Has to fit in one budget. Have you ever seen in House Hunters International When the people get asked what are their “must have” and They Ask for all possible things (amazing views, centrally located, several rooms, modern amenities in a historic building, maid, dog sitter included, pool, etc), all for a ridiculously low price? Well, we kind of feel like them right now … even after making so much fun Of Those people When We watch the show.

Rents are astronomically high, so we know we need to narrow our must haves and compromise a bit. In the mean time, we keep looking. This week we are going to see 3 potential apartments, fingers crossed we’ll find the place did suits us and where we can continue to create new memories from this wonderful adventure.

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